Hire Smart Talent.
Get Better Opportunities.

Karma Healthcare provides you with the most reliable talent in the healthcare industry to deliver the highest level of patient care. Plus, we ensure better opportunities for medical and healthcare professionals to excel professionally and achieve their career goals and objectives.

Who we are

Karma Healthcare Staffing Consultants is proud to create great jobs and a next-generation staffing experience for our Caregivers, CNA’s and Nurses. We are built on technology and pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly hire and scale custom HR solutions for our clients while creating a best-in-class mobile hiring experience for our nurses. Our customized staffing solutions include rapid response shift fills, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and optimizing your labor costs through the use of an agency to handle growth, expansion, and fluxes in demand or employee availability

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Our mission is to provide outstanding talent to healthcare organizations and give healthcare
professionals better opportunities, with more pay and more flexibility 


We Are Different

Offering the ultimate flexibility, we offer one pay rate and you can pick up the shifts that make the most sense for you. You can schedule and confirm yourself from your mobile phone. Weekly pay with direct deposit and an application process that is mobile-friendly.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We respond quickly to your requests and try our best to deliver according to your requirements.

Strategic Partnership

We understand how facilities and their patients rely on us to help them. We love partnering with facilities to provide a pool of workers who are available to augment and have experience with your patients and facility.

Committed to have the highest standard of integrity and world-class customer service

Committed to making a difference with our employees through our core values

Committed to reaching out to the community to help those in need

What is Karma About?

Karma is the combination of action and intent. We believe in working hard to create great jobs for our nurses, and we intend to create a great customer and nurse experience that shows how much we value our relationships.

That’s why we offer best-in-class pay, premier customer service, and modern, convenient technology solutions for our employees. This allows us to provide our clients the most professional healthcare employees available and allows our healthcare staff to focus on their patients.

Karma Staffing Consultants appreciates partnering with companies that are open to deep partnerships, where we can provide specialized services to meet your unique HR goals. In addition, our team focuses on creating better ways of solving challenging problems.